Mr Ong Kun Hoo

No Amount Is Too Small To Make A Difference

Mr Ong Kun Hoo

Money doesn’t come by easy for 65-year-old Uncle Ong, who spends all day on the roads to earn a living as a taxi driver. He enjoys his job, where he meets people from all walks of life and hears of their life’s experiences. His heart goes out especially to those in need, and he never fails to give them words of encouragement to motivate them in their difficult journey.
It is this same reason that Uncle Ong is a steadfast SHARE donor. He enjoys donating to SHARE and being part of a big family that brings hope to those in need. His monthly donation of $1 may be small, but he appreciates the updates from Community Chest informing him of how his contributions have helped the service users and their families.

When asked to share which story had left an impression on him, he tells us that he is very impressed with the abilities and talents of people with autism and that service users can also be empowered individuals to pay it forward and help others.

No amount is too small to make a difference. Be a SHARE donor today.