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  1. What is SHARE?

    SHARE is a simple but meaningful monthly giving programme of Community Chest which enables individuals to make small but regular donations on a sustained basis through convenient modes such as payroll, GIRO or credit card transfers. These donations pooled together and 100% channelled by Community Chest to social service agencies (SSAs), is a critical source of resource for a wide range of SSAs that support social needs of individuals at-risk, especially those who are less visible or relatively unknown.

  2. When was SHARE started?

    SHARE was launched by Community Chest in 1984.

  3. What is SHARE as One?

    Launched in Financial Year 2016, the SHARE as One (SAO) programme provides dollar-for-dollar matching for any additional donations from companies, employees, and individuals to Community Chest's monthly SHARE programme, over and above donation levels of the preceding year. Originally a 6-year programme, SAO has been further extended till Financial Year 2025, in continued support of the social service sector.

  4. What are the objectives of SHARE as One?

    Through the SHARE as One programme, Community Chest hopes to:

    • Encourage more individual giving in a sustainable manner; and

    • Create more volunteering opportunities as part of corporate social responsibility efforts.

  5. Which social service agencies (SSAs) are eligible for the SAO programme?

    SSAs that are NCSS members with Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status and are running social service programmes may wish to apply for the SAO matching funds to organise meaningful volunteer activities for companies or to strengthen their volunteer management capabilities.

  6. Why are companies allowed to claim a portion of the SHARE as One (SAO) matching grant for their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives?

    The Government recognises the important role companies play in empowering employees to contribute to society. The Government will match new and incremental SHARE donations, to recognise the efforts put in by companies to rally their employees to give more. The portion of funds claimed by companies can be used to support more volunteering opportunities for their employees that will further benefit Community Chest’s SSAs. Companies will have until 31 March 2028 to utilise the funds claimed.

  7. Why is there a limit of 50% of matching grant, capped at $10,000, that the companies can claim for their CSR initiatives?

    The cap ensures that while support is given to companies in their CSR efforts, a good portion of the funds will be channelled to directly support the social service sector.

  8. Can companies claim the matching grant and the enhanced tax deductions for Business and IPC Partnership Scheme (BIPS) on the same CSR project? What kind of CSR initiatives will qualify for the grant?

    A single CSR initiative can only benefit from either scheme, but not both. The SAO grant can be used to organise CSR activities with service users of a social service agency which are Institutions of a Public Character, or to enhance CSR capabilities within the company. Companies are encouraged to work with SSAs and NCSS to discuss appropriate CSR initiatives to conduct.

  9. Can individuals be part of SAO? How can you sign up?

    New and additional donations by individuals directly to SHARE will also be eligible for matching. The matching will be determined by the increase in SHARE donations from individuals at the aggregate-level. 

    Corporates and individuals can find out more and sign up online via