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Dr Ee Peng Liang's Quote

Established by Dr. Ee Peng Liang in 1983, under the then Singapore Council of Social Service (SCSS), we were set up to raise funds and engage the community, so that social service agencies can focus on developing and providing critical services for those in need.

Dr. Ee Peng Liang, our founder as well as a well-respected philanthropic figure, had devoted more than 50 years in charitable causes. Known as the Father of Charity, he embodied generosity, selflessness and passion. Under his dedicated leadership, Community Chest has become a major fundraising body in the social service sector today.

In 1992, SCSS restructured to form National Council of Social Service (NCSS) as the national coordinating body for social services in Singapore. Dr. Ee handed over his position as President of NCSS to Dr. Robert CK Loh, and position as Chairman of Community Chest to Dr. Richard Eu.

Throughout the years, we continue to be the philanthropy and engagement arm of NCSS, forging strong partnerships across the people, public and private sectors to build a collaborative and impactful social service ecosystem that works to empower every person to live with dignity in a caring and inclusive society.

Discover more on how Community Chest established itself as the hallmark of care and share in Singapore.

Take a look at the FY2019 highlights of our journey with the community!

Our Milestones






  • Founding of Community Chest by Dr Ee Peng Liang.

  • Launch of SHARE Programme to encourage the larger community to donate a small amount of their monthly pay to charity.




  • Introduction of Sharity, Community Chest’s mascot. Sharity was created to appeal to children and instill the values of caring and sharing values in the young.

  • Launch of Community Chest Awards to give public recognition to organisations and individuals, who have demonstrated great support towards fundraising and/or community engagements.





  • The first televised fundraiser, Heartstrings Phone-A-Donation Show, raised $3 million by encouraging the community to give to the individuals in need.

  • Launch of new TV commercial, themed Together We Care, Together We Share, depicting Roland, a hearing-impaired character who cares and shares with those individuals in need.



  • Launch of first Care & Share campaign by then President Wee Kim Wee, calling for community support, to care for the individuals in need.

  • First Sharity Radio Show and My Sharity Collection activity books were released encourage more children to care and share.

  • Launch of SHARE Campaign in September, designated as Care and Share Month by the Prime Minister’s office. The campaign brought in almost 57,000 new donors and 262 new company partners.



  • Singapore Council of Social Service (SCSS) was restructured into the National Council of Social Service (NCSS) in May, legally incorporating Community Chest as its philanthropy and engagement arm.

  • Dr Richard Eu (right in photo) appointed as Chairman of Community Chest.



  • Internet Cashcard donations made available in January 1998. President Ong Teng Cheong became the first donor at the launch of the new system.

  • Singapore Pools (a subsidiary of Tote Board since 2004) agreed to underwrite the annual operating expenditure of Community Chest, allowing 100% of funds raised through Community Chest to go directly to supported charities.

2000 / 2002


  • Ms Jennie Chua was appointed as Chairman of Community Chest in 2000.

  • First SHARE Just One Campaign launched in September to encourage all existing SHARE donors to increase monthly contributions by just $1. The communications conveyed the collective impact of every donor raising their contribution by $1 through SHARE.



  • Anniversary Carnival and Heartstrings Walk was held to commemorate the 50th and 25th Anniversaries of NCSS and Community Chest.

  • Opening of ComChest Green at Labrador Park was officiated by then Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, as a place to celebrate the spirit of giving and community engagement.

  • New orchid hybrid, Epidendrum Spirit of Giving, was named Community Chest to commemorate 25 years of community service. The reddish-orange, star-shaped flower symbolises compassion, unity and the spirit of giving.



  • Mr Phillip Tan appointed as Chairman of Community Chest in 2013.

  • Launch of Care & Share Movement, a national fundraising and volunteerism movement led by Community Chest, in celebration of SG50. The movement raised a record of $1.3 billion in donations and matching government grants for the social service sector.

  • Care & Share videos – ‘Ripple,’ Rise’ and ‘The Gift’ were launched. ‘Ripple’ garnered over 50 million views within a few months of its debut.



  • First drumming contingent of 300 social service users and volunteers added an upbeat spirit to the Community Chest Heartstrings Walk in 2015.

  • First Sharity Day was held at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) in October with 1,200 volunteers and children with special needs gathering to celebrate Sharity’s birthday.


2016 / 2017


  • Launch of the SHARE as One Programme, to encourage sustained and regular donations. Under the programme, the Government would provide dollar-for-dollar matching for additional SHARE donations, over and above the amount donated in FY2015. The grant will assist the CSR efforts of various companies and help social service agencies build their volunteer management capabilities.

  • SHARE as One Outreach Campaign clinched bronze and silver awards at SPH iink Awards 2017, the Gold Award for Integrated Marketing at the ‘Marketing Excellence Awards 2017,’ and a bronze award for the creative efforts in publicity at the ‘Marketing PR Awards 2018.’



  • Launch of #StoriesOfCare Project to kick-start Community Chest’s 35th Anniversary celebration. The project called on the public to share their personal stories of care, to encapsulate what caring meant to the nation.

  • Community Chest 35th Anniversary Charity TV Show was held on 20 May, raising over $10 million.




  • Commemorated Singapore’s Bicentennial through a collaboration with locally renowned mural artist, Yip Yew Chong to inspire community giving.

  • The Community Chest Bicentennial Charity Day Out and Charity Dinner was also held to commemorate the collective spirit of giving.



  • Community Chest channels donations for The Courage Fund to support individuals and families in need affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

  • The Invictus Fund was launched to support over 80 charities adopt technology and other business continuity initiatives to ensure that critical services are available to those in need of support during the COVID-19 situation.



  • In FY2020 (year ending March 2021), Community Chest raised a record of $87 million in total donations. The funds supported the community, including Community Chest’s five causes - children with special needs and youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, persons with mental health conditions, seniors and families in need - as well as social service agencies and individuals affected by the pandemic.


  • The Change for Charity initiative was launched to make giving a part of everyday life through partnerships with businesses to weave giving mechanisms into their business models and payment platforms.

  • Mr Chew Sutat appointed as Chairman of Community Chest as of 1 August, 2022.