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Youth Day Appeal turns 40!

Communities thrive when we’re Schooled to Give. Make a difference today. 

In 2024, we commemorate the 40th milestone of the Youth Day Appeal (YDA), symbolising four decades of its meaningful impact. Since its inception in 1984, the Youth Day Appeal has stood as an annual beacon for fundraising efforts, advocating for youth involvement, and rallying substantial support for communities-in-need.

Aligned with the Ministry of Education’s Values-in-Action Programme, this campaign encourages secondary school and junior college students to embrace the spirit of giving, fostering essential values of compassion, respect, and empathy from an early age.

Our youth are defined by their uniqueness. So are our beneficiaries.

100% of funds raised through Youth Day Appeal go towards empowering the lives of adults with disabilities, children with special needs and youth-at-risk, families in need of assistance, persons with mental health conditions and seniors in need of support.

Find out more about the five causes supported by Community Chest.

Communities thrive when we’re Schooled to Give.

Being diagnosed with an intellectual disability was never a barrier to Fizzy. In fact, she went on to thrive in academics and athletics at ASPN Tanglin School, a social service agency supported by Community Chest.

Fizzy's passion and talents include fusion dance, silat and soccer – all of which she excelled in; she has performed with a silat group and represented Singapore in the Olympics Asia Pacific S.E.A Unified Football Tournament. As a recipient of the Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) Exemplary Student Award in 2020, Fizzy shows us that the sky’s the limit when it comes to fulfilling one’s potential.

APSN schools, which are supported by Community Chest, invest in students’ talents, passion and character, and help students embrace their limitations and soar beyond them.

Glenn Yong

Singaporean actor-singer Glenn Yong will be visiting 10 schools between 24 June to 5 July to share his personal giving experiences.

Multi-talented Glenn uses his artistic talents to raise awareness for the less privileged amongst us and hopes to inspire our youth to do good as well!

Resources for Teachers

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Registrations open on 15 May

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Each participating school can choose to receive either or both: 

  • An individual donation envelope per student for cash donations; or
  • A customised PayNow QR code for the whole school valid for usage till 31 December 2024

Registrations close on 31 May

Email if you have any enquiries or further updates to the registered information. 

Teaching kit will be available from the week of 10 June
Please download the teaching kit.

Delivery of donation envelopes and emailing of customised PayNow QR codes from 10 June onwards

The donation envelopes will be delivered to the school’s general office between 10 and 20 June, from 9am to 5pm (weekdays only). The envelopes will be addressed to the teacher-in-charge. The customised PayNow QR codes will also be emailed to the teacher-in-charge.

Announcement of 10 selected schools for a visit by Glenn Yong from 10 June onwards

Scheduling details will be communicated to the selected schools. 

Kickstart your giving journey 

Giving is for everyone – all of us can contribute in one way or another within our means. Schools may kickstart their giving journey upon receiving the donation envelopes and/or customised PayNow QR codes.

Collection of donation envelopes from 15 July onwards

A link will be emailed on a later date to all participating schools to select their preferred date and time of collection.

More materials will be shared in due time: FAQ I Teaching Kit

River Valley High School

River Valley High School

River Valley High School has had a longstanding partnership with Youth Day Appeal. Through the collaboration, our students are motivated to give in monetary donations or volunteering work to the less privileged communities. We appreciate Youth Day Appeal’s approach, which is well aligned with our school’s direction, in developing our students to be concerned citizens and future leaders who are active contributors to the community. It is especially meaningful that our students are provided the opportunities to learn about and better empathise with Community Chest service users from various community groups in Singapore including adults with disabilities, children with special needs and youth-at-risk, families in need of assistance, persons with mental health conditions, and seniors in need of support. We look forward to a sustained partnership with Youth Day Appeal!

Dunman High School

Duman High School

Youth Day Appeal resonates with Dunman High School’s mission of Care, Serve and Lead.

The school inculcates in all Dunmanians the importance of showing care for the community, serving to better the lives of others, and in time exercise leadership as community changemakers.

Complementary to our school’s Values In Action efforts, we believe that Youth Day Appeal nurtures socially responsible students who are able to contribute meaningfully to the community.

We see that Youth Day Appeal brings out the best in our Dunmanians in the spirit of giving and sharing.