Care Deeply, Share Freely


Care Deeply Share Freely

Our Story

The Community Chest mascot - a combination of the words "share" and "charity" - was first introduced in 1984. Many Singaporeans who grew up in the 1980s and 1990s remember fondly how Sharity had encouraged them in their school years to care for and share with others. Sharity has been brought back in 2016 to reach out to the young, after the success of the Care & Share Movement started in 2013 by ComChest.

Our Vision

To inspire and engage the younger generation as socially responsible citizens by educating the act of giving, and to cultivate the values of Caring & Sharing.

Sharity and Friends


A kind and caring heart with a generous sharing spirit

Sharity is a cuddly, pink elephant who believes in being his own superhero. Through his thoughtful acts of caring and sharing, he creates a positive impact on the lives of others in the community. His cheerful disposition and optimistic nature makes him a steadfast friend whom the others look up to.


A loyal and conscientious friend

Buddy is a fluffy, jolly kid who is always ready to stand by his friends and help those in need. He is honest, straightforward, and trusts in his instincts when coming up with a solution for his friends' problems.


An emotionally intelligent and empathic friend

Felicity is a sweet, bright girl who often lends a sympathetic listening ear to the troubles of others. She looks out for the well-being and feelings of her friends, but is still learning to embrace differences.


An independent and free-spirited friend

Cheeky is a scruffy, confident boy who is the first to jump into action when the need for help arises. His playfulness makes his friends laugh, but can sometimes unknowingly hurt those closest to him.


A trusting and supportive friend

Flappy is a chirpy little girl who admires her friends. Timid at first, she soon learns to stand up for herself with support from her friends. She also shows resilience as a person with disability who continues to help others despite never being able to fly again after a bad accident.


A tolerant and persevering friend

Spikey is a fuzzy, quiet kid who is finding it hard to adjust to his new school. Through a diligent and hardworking attitude, he is slowly but surely overcoming his learning difficulties, while warming up to his new friends.