Youth Day Appeal


Youth Day Appeal

Youth Day Appeal (YDA) is an annual nationwide fundraising campaign by Community Chest which rallies students from secondary schools and junior colleges to donate and help the less fortunate in the community.

Supported by MOE and in line with its Values-in-Action, YDA seeks to instill values such as respect, care and harmony among students, while providing them an avenue to put such values into actions, where we build the next generation of givers who see beyond the disabilities of our social service users. Through this campaign, we hope that students can play a part in making an impact within the community to build a caring and inclusive society.

100% of the donations raised in the campaign will go towards empowering the lives of our social service users, from more than 80 social service agencies supported by Community Chest.

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If there is a change in VIA teacher in-charge, kindly update us here.

Are you interested in curating volunteering experiences for your students? Click here to read our collaboration with Yishun Town Secondary School in 2020. Alternatively, you can find out more about our Sharity Youth Volunteer Programme!

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