Create a Planned Gift

Leave behind a gift that could comfort those around you and motivate them to lead a meaningful life.

Planned giving is a simple yet convenient way to show that you care. Apart from having the option of choosing the cause that holds special meaning to you, it also gives you control on how to manage your assets to do good and there is no effect on your current financial standing. See below for more details.



  • Giving a cause which holds special meaning to you
  • Role model for friends and family to do likewise


  • Sense of power to manage your asset to do good
  • Choice of preferred cause
  • Option to make changes


  • No effect on your current financial standing as your assets are transferred to your preferred charity only after you passed on
Planned gifts come in different forms such as requesting through your will, gifting of your CPF savings or life insurance and donating the condolence gifts to help the individuals in need of support.

Bequest through a Will

Bequest through a Will

  • Specific sum of money
  • Property or other real estate
  • Shares & Bonds
  • Residuary bequest
Giving of CPF Savings or Life Insurance

Giving of CPF Savings or Life Insurance

  • Nominate Community Chest as a beneficiary of your CPF savings or life insurance policies
Memorial  Giving

Memorial Giving

  • Honour your loved ones through planned gifts
  • Request for donations to  Community Chest instead of wreaths

You may choose from a few simple methods to prepare a planned gift, and your contribution will go a long way for those in need.

Memorial Giving

In memory of your loved ones, you can encourage your family and friends to make a donation instead of wreaths. You can also channel part of the contributions received during the wake to Community Chest, to honour your loved ones.

100% of your donations will be channelled to the benefitting organisations that we support, and towards uplifting the local communities. Please email us at on how to do so.

Making a bequest through CPF

To nominate us, you will need to fill in the following information under section 2 of the CPF’s nomination form.

Name: National Council of Social Service - For Community Chest
NRIC / Passport / Registration / UEN No: T08GB0034K
Type of Entity: Organisation
Mailing Address: 170 Ghim Moh Road #01-02 Singapore 279621
Email :

Making a bequest through a will

Please add the following statement in your will when making a bequest to us.

I, _(full name as in NRIC)_ , give, devise and bequeath _(nominate your type of gift)_ unto the National Council of Social Service – For Community Chest (UEN: T08GB0034K) for its general purpose, free from all duties, the following: _________ % of my estate of the residue The sum of $__________ from

  • Property situated at _(address of property)_
  • Life Policy No: ________

Other: ________

If in doubt, please discuss further with your legal advisor.

Making a bequest through an insurance policy

If you would like to make a gift to us through your insurance policy, please indicate the following information in your policy nomination:

Name: National Council of Social Service - For Community Chest
UEN No: T08GB0034K

Please feel free to contact us at 1800 210 2600 or for any clarifications.

Mr S. Nalluraj takes great pride in the fact that his late father, Mr R. Subbiah Naidu, will always be remembered by those who know him, as a kind person who is ever-willing to help those in need.

Late Mr R. Subbiah Naidu (second from left) with his grandchildren and wife on his 80th birthday celebration.

He is sure that his father would have been happy to be of help even if he is no longer around.

To continue his late father’s love for helping people, Mr Nalluraj and his family chose to channel all the contributions received during the wake to Community Chest, in memory of their beloved father.
Born in India in 1928, Mr Subbiah Naidu and his wife moved to Singapore in the early 50s. He started working for a textile company and very soon earned the trust and appreciation of his boss. With the blessings of his boss, he joined the Education Service in 1958. He worked hard for 40 years to give his family a comfortable life. He was a meticulous yet gentle teacher who was well-liked by his students and colleagues. At home, Mr Subbiah Naidu was a best father that one could asked for. He took good care of his family, always reminding his children to be kind, humble and truthful.

Mr Nalluraj said that Community Chest was his family’s preferred charity choice because the organisation has been working with the community for the past few decades and supporting individuals at-risk, through fund-raising activities and volunteer programmes.

Asked if he had any message for his fellow Singaporeans, Mr Nalluraj said, “As we grow more affluent, we should pay it forward. My family hopes that our giving can encourage others to consider channelling the contributions during bereavements to charities as this is a noble way to honour the life of those who passed on. We hope to share that as a family, we can help those in need regardless of our financial status as giving comes from the heart.”