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Your caring has given our social service users hope to live a life of dignity. Find out how each of their lives has been impacted and continue to share your joy with them.

Nur Safinah Thufailah Binte Mohammed Samsul

Attending Eden School has helped Safinah’s personality shine. She has grown to be a sociable child who is always ready to help her teachers and peers.


When Safinah was in pre-school, her parents noticed her delayed speech and how she avoided playing with other children. She was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder shortly after, overwhelming her parents with fears and worries about how Safinah would be able to lead an independent life as she grows up.

To help Safinah build independence and achieve her potential, she was enrolled into Eden School, a special education school supported by Community Chest. Attending the school has helped Safinah thrive, enabling her to communicate confidently and overcome challenges on her own.

On the social front, Safinah is a caring and encouraging classmate to her peers. Safinah’s personality shines with the opportunities provided by the school. The once reserved girl is now able to interact with her peers in meaningful ways.

Like every child, Safinah has many hopes and dreams. She hopes to be a designer or hair stylist who inspires people through her creativity.

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