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Your caring has given our social service users hope to live a life of dignity. Find out how each of their lives has been impacted and continue to share your joy with them.

Koh Rae Ai

Inspired by the support she received from Youth Guidance Outreach Services (YGOS), Rae Ai now joins them in supporting youths as an intern.


Rae Ai was bullied as a teenager because of her small build and introverted nature. However, attending a YGOS after-school programme changed her outlook on life.

The programme helped Rae Ai, then a 13-year-old teenager, cope with socio-emotional issues, and boosted her self-esteem. Although she has since graduated from the programme, Rae Ai maintains a close relationship with the staff at YGOS, who played a significant role in supporting her through her teenage years. “They made me realise that there are still good people in this world,” says Rae Ai. The staff had also supported Rae Ai through the loss of her mother to cancer in 2021.

Today, Rae Ai has grown into a cheerful and positive young woman who wants to make an impact. She has completed a Nitec course in Community Care and Services and currently works part-time with YGOS whilst completing her diploma in Early Childhood Education. She aspires to be an early childhood educator who makes a difference in the lives of young children.

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