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Your caring has given our social service users hope to live a life of dignity. Find out how each of their lives has been impacted and continue to share your joy with them.

Veronica Tan

From a reserved individual to a singer for numerous SPD events, Veronica aspires to continue to give back to the community.

Veronica is a client of SPD Day Activity Centre.

Diagnosed with Rasmussen’s Encephalitis, Veronica has to use a wheelchair to move around. She was a reserved individual, often not welcoming interaction with others.

However, upon joining SPD’s Day Activity Centre (DAC), she has since grown into her own and is now an enthusiastic and friendly choir member.The activities at the DAC encouraged meaningful engagements which enabled Veronica to gain social, interpersonal and community living skills so that she can live and function independently. Veronica also learned to move about on her own safely at the DAC, without needing help to transfer herself out and into her wheelchair. Having been able to care for herself, Veronica has been entrusted to look out for her peers who encounter difficulties in their daily tasks and activities.

Presently, she is one of the core members in the DAC’s choir and has performed in the SPD Charity Show, besides numerous other SPD events. Veronica’s love for singing has ignited her hope for the future. She aspires to be a nurse one day, so that she can help others and give back to the community.

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