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Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2023

Relay Majulah Edition

Co-organised by Community Chest and Marina Bay Sands, Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2023 is an annual community event that rallies partners, volunteers and the community to build a caring and inclusive society. This year, the event hopes to promote mental wellness by rallying the community to walk as one in support of those in need.

To find out how to participate for Relay Majulah Virtual Challenge and the Heartstrings Walk, click on the segments below. Join us as we walk and run as one to champion the potential of the communities in need!

Relay Majulah Virtual ChallengeHeartstringsWalk

Relay Majulah Virtual Challenge

Whether you're a seasoned marathon runner or a dedicated fitness enthusiast, the Relay Majulah Virtual Challenge offers the perfect platform to challenge yourself while giving back. Push beyond your boundaries, go the extra mile, and strive for personal bests!

Rally your friends and fellow running buddies to participate in this virtual challenge. Track your own runs to clock 400 km and raise $4,000 as an individual, or gather a team to clock 4,000 km and raise $40,000 from 27 June to 5 August. Mobilise your community to contribute to your fundraising campaign as you embark on this virtual challenge, or show your encouragement by making donations to support your favourite runners! As community fundraisers, you will also receive tickets (worth $25 each) to the walk on 5 August.

*Tickets will be given to individuals and teams who have completed at least half of the challenge by 19 July.

Please note: Registration for Relay Majulah Virtual Challenge is now closed. Show your support to the individual/group participants by donating to their campaigns!


Challenge Period:
27 June – 5 August 2023

Anytime, Anywhere

Registration Fee:

Registration Period:
19 June – 19 July 2023

Heartstrings Walk

The Heartstrings Walk is a non-competitive evening walk that will take place on 5 August 2023 along the Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade. Gather your colleagues, friends, and/or family to walk as one in support of the communities in need!

We invite you to take this opportunity to embark on this relaxing stroll to bond with your family and friends in support of those in need. Together we can empower those in need to achieve their full potential, despite the challenges they face.

5 August 2023, Saturday 

Flag-off Time:

Flag-off Venue:
Marina Bay Sands, Event Plaza

Registration Period:
19 June – 4 August 2023

Registration Fee:
$25 per pax | $80 per group of 4 pax
Registration fee is not tax deductible.

*Limited quantity of goodie bags are available.

Heartstring Walk Route

HSW 2023 Route

*The route is friendly for people with mobility aids(e.g., wheelchair or kaye walker) and is subject to change.

Where will your contributions go?

100% of funds raised through Community Chest Heartstrings Walk 2023 will go to Community Chest to support over 100 social service agencies to meet underserved and critical social needs.

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