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Community Chest Charity TV Show – Uniting Hearts 2023

An Evening to Celebrate 40 Years of Empowering Lives with Community Chest.

Get ready to be part of an exhilarating celebration as we come together to commemorate four decades of making a difference and driving positive impact in our community.

On 24 September, local and international artistes will join hands with service users to put together a series of exciting performances.

Through the show, Community Chest aims to showcase the importance of championing the potential of those in need, including adults with disabilities, children with special needs, youth at risk, families in need, persons with mental health conditions and seniors in need of support.

Join a myriad of local and international artistes as they come together for a collaborative effort like no other with our service users. Through the stunning performances, Community Chest aims to champion the potential of our various social causes including adults with disabilities, children with special needs, youth at risk, families in need, persons with mental health conditions and seniors in need of support.

Charity TV Show - Celebrities

Lucas Ong
Lucas Ong

Lucas was diagnosed with mild intellectual disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) when he was 2 years old. In 2021, he was admitted into Chaoyang School as a Primary 1 student. Faced with difficulties regulating his emotions, he was enrolled in the Autism Structured Programme (ASP) where the teacher to student ratio is smaller at 4:1.

Over the last two years going through the programme and with the close support of his parents, teachers and therapists, Lucas has made leaps in improvements in his communication skills. Other than being a helpful, friendly and respectful boy who helps with tasks in the classroom such as cleaning the whiteboard, he even enjoys dancing and can teach dance steps to other people by writing the steps down.

Now that Lucas can better express his feelings and thoughts, he was fully integrated into a Primary 2 Integrated Programme for students with mild intellectual disability and ASD, where the teacher to student ratio is 10:1.

Chaoyang School is one of the four Special Education (SPED) Schools operated by Social Service Agency – APSN, funded by Community Chest. It is a primary school funded by Community Chest for 7 to 12-year-old children with mild intellectual disabilities and also takes in those with mild autism to gain critical developmental skills and support.

Emilia Binte Mohamad
Emilia Binte Mohamad

Emilia was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 6-7 months old, which means that she is unable to live independently due to delayed development, mobile disability and speech impairment. She is fully dependent on others for all her daily living activities and is unable to verbally communicate.

Mr and Mrs Mohamad are Emilia’s main caregivers. As a family of 5, along with Emilia’s 2 younger half-siblings, the situation at home can be challenging but they never give up. With the support from SPD, Emilia enrolled in their Day Activity Centre (DAC), which has arranged specialised transportation services funded by Community Chest. She attends DAC daily where she is engaged in activities aimed at maintaining activities of daily living through sensory play activities and assisted ambulation exercises.

Emilia at the DAC and the help of the arranged transportation has allowed Mr Mohamad to be gainfully employed as a part-time chauffeur earning a minimal income to help relieve the family’s financial needs while her stepmother focuses her care on her younger half-siblings. In addition to the funded programme attended by Emilia, her family is also being assisted by SPD’s Daily Needs Programme which helps their clients from low-income families with monthly grocery vouchers.

SPD is a member agency of NCSS and receives funding support from Community Chest.