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Tap to Empower Lives 2023

Inspiring commuters to donate on the go

In celebration of Community Chest’s 40th anniversary, we are partnering with Stellar Ace to launch the Tap to Empower Lives — an initiative to encourage commuters to conveniently and meaningfully contribute to our social causes while on the go, making charitable giving a way of life.

For four remarkable decades, Community Chest has been at the heart of transforming lives, bridging gaps and uniting the community to support those in need. Join us in commemorating this extraordinary journey that has seen communities coming together, embodying the spirit of solidarity to empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Where will this event take place?

Spot our Snap & Donate photo booth at Jurong East station from 7 September to 4 October and at the City Hall station from 5 October to 1 November.

How does it work?

All it takes is three easy steps, to help empower communities in need of support.

Step 1: Pose and snap a selfie at our photo booth

Step 2: Enter your email address to receive a digital copy

Step 3: Tap your bank card, donate and receive the customised photo print-out

Tap to Empower Lives - Step1Tap to Empower Lives - Step 2Tap to Empower Lives - Step 3

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