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SP Heartware Fund

Comfort in a Circle of Care

Mr Koh Kong Kuan, 76, had a vibrant professional career in his early years. He took pride in his diverse roles, from being among the pioneer batches of officers in the army to an educator with a love for the Chinese language. Amidst stressful days, Mr Koh focused on building a happy family life, raising three children and planned for his retirement with a sense of fulfilment.

However, life took an unforeseen turn when a fatal traffic accident robbed him of his second son. The sense of loss and immense grief took a toll on him, which eventually led to severe depression. The strain culminated in the breakdown of his marriage. His family moved overseas and he was left alone. Compounded by financial challenges, things spiralled downwards.

Life seemed even more bleak when Mr Koh lost his ability to hold down a part-time job and socialise with his friends after experiencing a bad fall, which left him bedridden for more than six months.

The turning point came when a medical social worker referred Mr Koh to AWWA Senior Community Home (SCH). The conducive environment and support system helped him rebuild his life through newfound friendships and communal activities.

Paying it Forward

Like Mr Koh, residents at AWWA Senior Community Home come from different walks of life, across different health stages, and strive to live as independently as possible, in tandem with their own aspirations.

Reflecting on his time at the Senior Community Home, Mr Koh expressed a profound sense of fulfilment in being able to help others. Being able to take better charge of his health, he assumed the role of caregiver to other residents too. For residents with mobility challenges, he accompanies them for medical appointments and helps to communicate with the medical workers on their behalf. He also participates in social activities, rekindling his passion for playing the saxophone and karaoke singing.

Today, Mr Koh thrives at AWWA SCH, and embraces every opportunity to age well throughout his golden years amidst a conducive and supportive environment.

Integrated Support System

The AWWA Senior Community Home facilitates the transition of residents like Mr Koh to a new chapter of independent living within their community. Motivated by the kindness they receive, many residents actively contribute in various capacities, big and small. This support system is further fortified by volunteers from the neighbourhood, schools and corporations.

Since 2005, the SP Heartware Fund has supported social service programmes like AWWA Senior Community Home through Community Chest, empowering seniors who require social support in their silver years. The Fund enables seniors like Mr Koh to receive early intervention for vital services that support better health and mental wellness, while mitigating the risk of social isolation.

SP Group underwrites all fund-raising costs of the SP Heartware Fund so that every dollar you donate will be channelled to over 200 critical social service programmes through Community Chest.

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