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Find Out More On Tax Deductions

Giving back to those that need it is rewarding in more ways than one.

Did You Know?

To continue encouraging Singaporeans to give back to the community and to provide strong support for the social service sector, the Minister for Finance announced in Budget 2021 that the 250% tax deduction for qualifying deductions will be extended for another two years until 31 December 2023.

This means that if you made a donation to Community Chest or any approved Institution of a Public Character (IPC) last year, you will get to enjoy tax deductions of 2.5 times the qualifying donation amount this year. Likewise, enjoy tax deductions on your qualifying donations in 2023 by donating to any approved IPC this 2022. Need some ideas on where to get started? Fret not and simply read on!

Give back regularly with SHARE

Kickstart your regular giving journey and qualify for tax exemptions this year by joining our meaningful monthly giving programme, SHARE. Under the Share As ONE (SAO) programme, the government provides a dollar-to-dollar matching for any additional donations made to SHARE above and beyond the preceding year, to encourage companies, employees and individuals to commit to sustained giving.

Participating companies are also able to use 50% of the matching funds (up to a cap of $10,000 a year) to organise Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for their employees and Social Service Agencies (SSAs) can apply to use the matching funds to organise volunteer activities for corporates. Your monthly donation to SHARE helps provide a steady stream of support for more than 200 of Community Chest’s critically-funded programmes. Make an impact with your sustained giving by registering your interest below.

Make a one-time donation

Alternatively, you may choose to do a one-off donation to any approved IPC of your choice, including Community Chest. Hit the "Donate Now" button below to make your one-time donation. 100% of donations made to Community Chest is channelled more than 100 SSAs that we support, which serve adults with disabilities, persons with mental health conditions, youth-at-risk and children with special needs, and families and seniors in need of support.

Visit Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) website to read more about different types of donations and their respective tax deductibility, as well as how to claim these tax deductions.