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Amaze Interior Design for VITAL Fund

Amaze Interior Design Pte Ltd, together with its network, is fundraising for VITAL Fund by the Singapore Association of the Visually Handicapped (SAVH), through Community Chest.

VITAL fund seeks to support the provision of assistive devices (not covered under government subsidy), as well as training on the proper use of such devices for daily living and employment. These assistive devices may include mobile phones and laptops that could significantly improve the quality of life and employability of visually impaired beneficiaries.

SAVH's Visually Impaired Beneficiaries

  • Elder beneficiaries may access essential information from national / government agencies, and even 'read' newspapers and books. These devices also allow our older beneficiaries to independently navigate their way through transport networks (bus, MRT). Through the provision of Assistive Technology (AT) and trainings, older beneficiaries will achieve a better Quality of Life (QOL) in having more opportunities for acquiring new information and skills. It will also increase their level of social support as well as their participation in recreation/leisure activities.

  • Younger beneficiaries may enhance their employability through improved mastery of computer software by effectively using screen-readers and braille input devices. Younger beneficiaries are able to improve their thinking, learning, memory, and concentration with help of AT and trainings, hence increasing their work capacity/employability. Apart from that, AT will also help them to have better social relationships and connections. SAVH is developing curriculum that trains, evaluates and certifies VI learners on the use of work-related technologies (Outlook, Microsoft Office, etc). Potential employers can also tap on software that is able help beneficiaries in performing their job, helping the environment to be more inclusive.

Amaze Interior Design Pte Ltd and SAVH seek your support to raise $100,000 for SAVH VI Technology Assistance Lever (VITAL) Fund which will be used to purchase assistive devices and used as a co-subsidy (non-funded portion of ATF & SMF) for low or zero income visually impaired individuals. Funds will also be used to defray costs of trainers for training on use of such devices.

Your contribution can support social service users like Amy.


Amy had been working in the educational sector since she was 19 years old. However, she was diagnosed with Rod Cone Dystrophy, a form of visual impairment which severely affected her work performance. She approached SAVH and was recommended two assistive devices - a desktop magnifier and handheld magnifier to help with her work and daily living. Today, Amy has been working as corporate support officer in a school for 20 years. With the help of assistive devices, she can perform her daily work duties well and able to continue living her life independently.

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