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Causes We Support

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Empowering Children with Special Needs
and Youth-At-Risk

Highlights of Outcomes We Have Achieved


Disbursed in FY2020


Programmes Supported

Programme Types We Support

Early Intervention

Provides therapy and educational support services for children who are 6 years and below and have been diagnosed with special needs.

Special Education School (SPED)

Provides quality education to develop the potential of children and youth with special educational needs.

School-based Programmes

Complements the school system through preventive, developmental and remedial initiatives to strengthen social and emotional resilience among students at risk.



Special Education Schools

6,708 children with special needs received education and training in independent living skills. Out of 500 graduates, 91 graduates attained open employment or supported/customised employment. Another 36 graduates were placed in internships and are likely to be employed in the next year.

Development Programme

1,080 school-going children and youths (with and without special needs) developed self-confidence to deal with changes and challenges, and improved in personal and social skills in relationships.