Change For Charity

The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work and live. At the same time, it has shone a spotlight on the giving spirit of Singaporeans. In the last year, the nation has rallied behind the most vulnerable amongst us and donated generously to support critical needs.
We hope to keep this spirit going.

From 2021 and beyond, we want to foster a culture of giving, where donating becomes a social norm. We hope to build a caring nation, where small acts of giving become a part of everyday life for Singaporeans.

Community Chest has launched the Change for Charity initiative to encourage Singaporeans to give through spontaneous acts. In this initiative, Community Chest will partner businesses to weave a giving mechanism into their business models. By doing so, we provide opportunities for individuals to give through our partners’ payment platforms. The Change for Charity Grant will also encourage businesses to match donations from their customers, as part of their corporate giving.

By increasing opportunities for consumption-based giving at various touchpoints, we can build generosity where donating becomes a social norm, infused in all aspects of living.

100% of funds raised through this initiative will go towards supporting over 100 social service agencies and 200 critical programmes across five causes: children with special needs and youth-at-risk, adults with disabilities, persons with mental health conditions, and seniors and families in need of support.

Our Partners

Businesses that incorporate Giving opportunities into their payment platforms. Click on our Partner’s logos to find out more.

Art of Awakening
AXS Pte Ltd
Etiqa Insurance
Eu Yan Sang 
Gourmet Food Holdings
J Dance Atelier
Millennium Hotels & Resorts
Pan Pacific Hotels Group
Phillip Securities
Raffles Hotel Singapore
Red Beacon Asset Management
Resort World Sentosa
Royal Plaza on Scotts
The Reloved Collective
CFC - Redemption of Rewards

Giving Recurrently Through Subscription

Businesses can provide donation options on subscription-based services.

CFC - Donating Full Partial Proceeds

Giving Full or Partial Proceeds

Businesses can donate a percentage of revenue from sales of products or services.

CFC - Subscription-based_giving

Giving Through Rewards Points

Businesses can facilitate conversion of loyalty points or rewards into cash donations.

CFC - Giving During Payment Checkout

Giving During Payment Checkout

Businesses can provide a channel / platform for small and spontaneous acts of giving to be made by individuals at the point of purchase through a round-up mechanism or by providing the option to donate.

CFC -  Enhanced Matching Grant

The Government will match $0.50 to every dollar donated by customers through participating businesses’ payment platforms, capped at $25,000 per business per year.

Under the Enhanced Matching Grant, the Government will match an additional $0.50 for every dollar that participating businesses match for their customers' donations. This is capped at $25,000 per business per year or the amount the business matches, whichever is lower.

CFC - Donations by businesses

Donations by businesses and their customers will be eligible for up to three years of Government matching of donations, starting from their year of implementation. Businesses can choose to come onboard the initiative any time between FY2021 to FY2023 and the Government matching will be available up to FY2025.

CFC - 50%_Enabler Grant

Businesses may also apply for a one-off Enabler Grant of 50% of the cost incurred for incorporating giving opportunities on their payment platforms, capped at $10,000 per business.


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To find out how your business can embed giving into your business model and be part of this movement to shape the way Singaporeans give, email