Mr S. Nalluraj

He keeps his father’s giving legacy alive with Community Chest.

Late Mr R. Subbiah Naidu (second from left) with his grandchildren and wife on his 80th birthday celebration.

Mr S. Nalluraj takes great pride in the fact that his late father, Mr R. Subbiah Naidu, will always be remembered by those who know him, as a kind person who is ever-willing to help those in need.

He is sure that his father would have been happy to be of help even if he is no longer around.

To continue the his late father’s love for helping people, Mr Nalluraj and his family chose to channel all the contributions received during the wake to Community Chest, in memory of their beloved father.
Born in India in 1928, Mr Subbiah Naidu and his wife moved to Singapore in the early 50s. He started working for a textile company and very soon earned the trust and appreciation of his boss.  With the blessings of his boss, he joined the Education Service in 1958. He worked hard for 40 years to give his family a comfortable life.   He was a meticulous yet gentle teacher who was well-liked by his students and colleagues.  At home, Mr Subbiah Naidu was a best father that one could asked for. He took good care of his family, always reminding his children to be kind, humble and truthful.
Mr Nalluraj said that Community Chest was his family’s preferred charity choice because the organisation has been working with the community for the past few decades and supporting the disadvantaged, through fund-raising activities and volunteer programmes. 
Asked if he had any message for his fellow Singaporeans, Mr Nalluraj said, “As we grow more affluent, we should pay it forward.  My family hopes that our giving can encourage others to consider channelling the contributions during bereavements to charities as this is a noble way to honour the life of those who passed on. We hope to share that as a family, we can help those in need regardless of our financial status as giving comes from the heart.”

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