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Usage Guidelines

The matching grant can be used to enhance:

  • Volunteer capability building

  • Volunteer capacity building

Examples of applicable activities and initiatives:

Volunteer Capability Building

Volunteer Capability and Capacity Examples
Volunteers provide: Examples

Manpower to complement practitioners

  • Befriending
  • Mentoring
 Certain skillsets for specific projects
  • IT support
  • Website design
  • Developing a marketing communications plan 
 Ad-hoc manpower support
  • Festive celebration
  • Outing to the zoo
  • ComChest events 

Volunteer Capacity Building

 Purpose Examples
  • Develop Volunteer Capabilities
  • Improve Volunteer Management functions 
  • Building a mobile app for volunteers to access
  • Campaign to recruit volunteers
  • Improving website to provide information to volunteers

Further illustrations of regular Service-based volunteering:

Volunteering Roles  Remarks
Centre-based activity coordinatiors to engage seniors through cooking (bi-weekly/monthly) Cooking demonstrators and regular volunteers to conduct and facilitate hands-on cooking activities for seniors
Centre-based activity coordinatiors to engage seniors through morning exercises (daily/weekly) Volunteers to facilitate exercises with seniors 
Volunteers to assist with House Visits (weekly) Volunteers to conduct house visits in nearby rental blocks
Programme Youth Programmes
Role  Activities planner / facilitator
Key Objectives  Provides activities for youths as part of a centre based programme or structured drop-in activity to encourage healthy community living, befriending and mentorng of youths
  • Prepare activity lesson plan
  • Set up activity venue and prepare activity materials
  • Co-ordinate and conduct activity
  • Befriend and converse with clients
  • Ensure the safety of clients during conduct of activity
 Frequency  Weekly / Bi-weekly 
Programme Youth Programmes
Role  CCA Support
Key Objectives  Assist teachers on any needs required for the smooth running of the co-curricular activities (CCA) in SPED and EIPIC schools
  • Prepare equipment for CCA
  • Help Students get ready for CCA
  • Provide support during CCA activities
  • Keep equipment  after CCA
 Frequency  Weekly / Bi-weekly 

All Grant Calls received will be individually assessed on merit basis, subject to SHARE as One Grant Call approval process.