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What we spend on our wants can help fulfil the essential needs of individuals who need support. Job training for persons with disabilities to enable a better future, special education for children with special needs and befriending services for seniors in need of support.

Give hope today and join SHARE, the hassle-free regular giving programme of Community Chest. Choose to forgo little luxuries such as a cup of gourmet coffee, a monthly media subscription you might not need or even a phone upgrade. Your contributions will go further, with 100% of it towards more than 100 social service agencies. Now there’s a cause worth every dollar.

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Koh Kong Kuan

Koh Kong Kuan
Year of Birth: 1947
AWWA Senior Community Home

At AWWA Senior Community Home, Mr Koh overcame depression and loneliness, and now volunteers at the Home to support frail senior residents.

Mr Koh was happily married with three children and had a job he loved. However, his life took an unexpected turn when his second son passed away in a road accident. As a result, he fell into severe depression, which affected his relationship with his wife and children. Mr Koh and his wife eventually underwent a divorce.

After the divorce, Mr Koh rented a room and stayed alone, but soon found the rental fees financially challenging to maintain. He was recommended by a medical social worker to AWWA Senior Community Home, a programme supported by Community Chest, which gave him temporary but secure shelter. There, Mr Koh overcame his depression through new friendships and activities that kept him engaged. Today, he also volunteers to take frail residents for medical appointments and help them with grocery shopping.

Mr Koh’s unflagging spirit of volunteerism is buoyed by a strong sense of gratitude: “I am thankful to be able to stay at AWWA Senior Community Home. I received support when I needed it most, and I would like to pass on this kindness to help others.”

Koh Kong Kuan
Koh Kong Kuan
Koh Kong Kuan

Lim Yu Fei Faye

Lim Yu Fei Faye
Year of Birth: 1998
Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore
Goodwill Rehabilitation and Occupational Workshop (GROW)

Born with athetoid cerebral palsy, Faye has never let her physical limitations deter her from living a fulfilling life. Faye is a Boccia player and was part of Team Singapore Boccia, which clinched a silver medal at the 2018 Asian Para Games.

In 2018, Faye joined the Goodwill, Rehabilitation & Occupational Workshop (GROW) at Cerebral Palsy Alliance Singapore, a social service agency supported by Community Chest. Through GROW, Faye acquired vocational and social skills and learned to communicate using an iPad. As a result, she has grown more confident and independent, taking on assignments that enable her to earn a monthly allowance. She hopes that one day, she can travel to work independently.

Fizzy Ezlyana Bte Md Begam
Fizzy Ezlyana Bte Md Begam
Year of Birth: 2004
Association for Persons with Special Needs (APSN)

Being diagnosed with an intellectual disability was never a barrier to Fizzy in her academic pursuits.

Despite facing challenges in communicating with people, she put in her best efforts and excelled in her academics and athletics at APSN Tanglin School.

Fizzy’s passion and talents include fusion dance, silat and soccer – all of which she excelled in. She has performed with a silat group and represented Singapore in the Olympics Asia Pacific S.E.A Unified Football Tournament.

Determination goes a long way, and Fizzy embodies this spirit well. She received the Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) Exemplary Student Award in 2020. Fizzy is now pursuing her interest in catering and culinary arts at APSN Delta Senior School, where she is also a member of the Soccer club and the Track and Field team.

APSN schools, which are supported by Community Chest, invest in students’ talents, passion and character, and help students embrace their limitations and soar beyond them.

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