Matching Grant

SHARE As One Grant

Under the SHARE As One (SAO) Grant, the Government will provide dollar-for-dollar matching for any additional donations from companies, employees, and individuals through SHARE over and above donation levels of the preceding year.

Qualifying for the Matching Grant for your CSR activities

When you encourage your employees to donate regularly through SHARE and there is an increase in the amount of SHARE donation, the Government will allow 50% of the matching grant (up to a cap of $10,000 a year) for your organisation to set up Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for service users of a social service agency (SSA), and/or enhance your CSR capabilities within the business. The rest of the matching grant will go to a fund to be managed by Community Chest to benefit the social service sector.

Claiming the Matching Grant

Grant claim is on a reimbursement basis. Your corporate can submit your documents for grant claim in October or April. The documents include the Grant Claim form, Inter-Bank GIRO form and Letter co-signed with SSA (for activities organised for social service users). These templates are available on our website. For more details and templates, refer to Guide to Grant Claims

Eligibility Guidelines

The matching grant can be used to:

  • Organise approved CSR activities for service users of a social service agency. Approved social service agencies include all charities with Institutions of a Public Character (IPC) status.

  • Enhance CSR capabilities within the business

Examples of CSR activities and initiatives to enhance CSR capabilities:

Visits to Social Service Agencies

Spending time together with beneficiaries through song and dance

Having a meal together

Celebrate Festivities or Special Occasions with Social Service Agency Service Users

Company activities, such as Family Day or Dinner & Dance

Christmas celebration

Chinese New Year Lo-hei

National Day Ceremony

Bonding through activities with Social Service Agency Service Users

Arts & craft session


Flag Day

Visting places of interest

Going to the movies

Kite flying

Visits to Social Service Agency Services' Homes

Deliver goodies bags of essential provisions, cleaning & painting of homes

Participating in Comchest Singature events together with Social Service Agency Service Users

  • Heartstrings Walk

  • FuDai

  • Sharity Day

Providing appropriate skills sets for specific Social Service Agency projects
More examples here.

Partnering to complement the services provided by practitioners at Social Services Agencies
More examples here.

Staff training & enhancement

CSR workshop

CSR networking session

Short courses on CSR

Research & development  

System implementation 

Developing CSR-related mobile applications 

Engagement of professional intermediaries to conduct skills-based volunteering activities

Note: Any other CSR activities not listed above as examples will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, subject to SHARE as One Grant’s approval process.