Community Chest 40th Anniversary

In 2023, Community Chest celebrates 40 years of uniting the community to support those in need. In this milestone year, Community Chest will seek to encourage corporate and community partners to give back more regularly and sustainably. This will include working with businesses to incorporate a giving mechanism into their business models to enable their customers to make donations to Community Chest conveniently and rallying regular volunteerism so that the social service sector is adequately resourced to support those in need now and in the future.

“2023 marks 40 years of Community Chest working with the people, private and public sectors to support communities in need. As social service needs become more complex, we will need to build upon our partnerships to explore ways to make giving a way of living. Through our partners and donors’ contributions in a holistic manner, we can collectively empower individuals, families and communities in need to achieve their fullest potential, despite the challenges they face in life,” said Mr Chew Sutat, Chairman of Community Chest.

Join Community Chest as we build impactful partnerships to deepen sustainable giving. Look out for more exciting events to give back sustainably and champion the potential of those we support. Together, we can empower every person to live with dignity in a caring and inclusive society.