Losing a loved one is never easy. Imagine the grief and despair that Mdm Dina faced a few years ago when she suddenly lost her husband, the sole breadwinner, in an accident. She had to single-handedly support her two young children, who were two years old and six months old then. 

To her, it felt like an eternity of pain and darkness as she felt lost and unsure about the future. Hope came from Care Corner Family Services Centre, a programme supported by Community Chest, where they counselled her and referred the family to various support services such as subsidized childcare and finding job opportunities. 

Today, Mdm Dina shares her own story with single mothers, to inspire and give them hope. She is determined to turn that sorrow into a motivation to help her children to grow up, do well in life, and one day start a family of their own. 

Mdm Dina is one of the many service users that your SHARE donations have helped, and we can do more to help the vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. 

Here's how you can help


A $25 donation can provide families with half a day of case 
management, information and referral services.




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