Community Chest Awards 2020

11 December 2020

The Community Chest Awards is held every year to recognise the unwavering and invaluable support of our corporate donors. But more than just an awards ceremony, the Community Chest Awards also gives service users the platform to showcase their skills and talents through collaborations or performances. At 2019's Community Chest Awards, trainees with APSN worked with local celebrity chefs to come up with delectable desserts served during the dinner. 

For more information about Community Chest Awards 2020, please download the information pack:

For award nominations, click on the respective links below to download the nomination forms for Community Chest Awards 2020:

1. Pinnacle Award
2. Enabler Award
3. Volunteer Partner Award

Community Chest Awards is a closed door event for our corporate donors. But if you wish to make a difference in the lives of our social service users, you can contribute by making monetary donations. Thank you for giving back to the community!



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