Community Chest 35th Anniversary

This year marks 35 years since we first set out to empower lives with care and unite the community in trust, to serve those in need. With the aim to enable every individual to live with dignity within a caring and inclusive society, we support about 80 social service organisations to meet underserved, critical social needs.


Two helping hands come together to symbolise the unity between Community Chest and the community. The trust and love between the two is represented by a heart formed by the overlapping thumbs. The two hands also form wings to suggest that together they can soar to new heights.

Established since 1983 to raise funds so that social service organisations can focus on delivering critical social services

  • Engage the community through volunteering and fundraising efforts

  • Empower with care and unite the community in trust, to serve those in need 

We help the bottom 10% of income earners and those who may have fallen through the gaps. All your contributions goes towards empowering the lives of:

  • Children with special needs and youth-at-risk

  • Adults with disabilities

  • Families in need

  • Vulnerable seniors

  • Persons with mental health issues

As we look forward to the future of Community Chest, we want to encourage the young generation to rise up and play a part in creating a nation that cares. Entitled "Shall We?", the folllowing video tells a story of a simple yet poignant message of caring from the community and the impact of empowering with care, as seen through the eyes of children.

Other Signature Events

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​Christmas Light-Up Ceremony 2019

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Community Chest Awards 2018