Building Strong and Resilient Families

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Building Strong and Resilient Families

Highlights of Outcomes We Have Achieved


Disbursed in FY2018


Programmes Supported

Programme Types We Support

Family Service Centres

A community-based focal point of resources that provide social support to families in need.

Counselling Centres

Provides professional counselling and therapy services for individuals, couples, groups and/ or families having emotional, mental and relationship problems.

Family Violence Specialist Centres

Provides community-based services for persons affected by family violence.



Family Service Centres

Out of all the families served, 5,330 enhanced their self-reliance and resilience capacity. 5,699 improved their ability to manage and/or reduce needs and risks.

Family Violence Specialist Centres

758 victims and their family members were able to manage issues of family violence and build safe relationships.