Valerie Liu

Valerie hopes to inspire those in recovery by sharing her lived experiences and to encourage them to strive towards meaningful goals.

Valerie is a participant of the Peer Support Specialist Programme.

For a large part of her life,Valerie had been haunted by paranoid thoughts, hallucinations and delusions. These stresses were caused by the mental health condition that she was struggling from – schizophrenia.

The condition made it difficult for her to concentrate on simple daily tasks and Valerie struggled to communicate with others. Over the years, her mother’s consistent care and love mended their broken relationship and helped her to manage her condition more effectively. With medication and the right support, Valerie started sharing the story of her journey towards recovery at caregiver workshops and amidst words of encouragement and applause from participants of these workshops, she became reassured of her self worth.

Presently, Valerie works as an Executive cum Peer Support Specialist with the Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) Community Education and Engagement Programme (CEE) – a programme that aims to enhance mental health literacy in people-private-public sectors. To this day, Valerie continues to share her lived experiences with others during outreach events and at SAMH. She encourages those in recovery to strive towards goals that are meaningful to them. Being able to contribute to this community by inspiring others with her sharing has not only aided Valerie’s recovery, but helped her gain confidence and strengthened her resilience as an individual.

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