Youth Day Appeal 2020

He is the captain of the school's futsal team, a young man brimming with confidence and positivity towards life. He is also a student with special needs.

Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder since he was a child, Rifky had challenges expressing emotions. It was also difficult for him to learn in school, leaving him often feeling frustrated and helpless.

After enrolling into Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School, Rifky learned to express himself better through journal writing and developed a newfound love for futsal, which improved his interaction skills and taught him to have fun with his friends.

Today, Rifky has also taken on the role of captain of the futsal team, where he hopes to learn and inspire others with confidence and positivity.

Youth Day Appeal (YDA) is an annual nationwide fundraising campaign by Community Chest which rallies students from secondary schools and junior colleges to donate and help the less fortunate in the community.

Supported by the Ministry of Education (MOE) and in line with its Values-in-Action, YDA seeks to develop students into socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community. Other than monetary support, YDA also aims to encourage caring, sharing and empathy towards people in need. Through YDA, we hope to nurture and inspire students to be the next generation of givers. Collectively, we can build a caring and inclusive society.

100% of the donations raised in the appeal will go towards empowering the lives of our social service users, such as Rifky, from more than 80 social service agencies supported by Community Chest.


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