We Are The Generation

We represent the change we want to see. Give others a chance to live, work and learn.

2020 has changed the world we live in, and we have changed with it. In this new world, equal opportunity is within reach.

We can be the generation to drive meaningful change, and make a difference where it is most needed. By giving to Community Chest, you can enable children with special needs, adults with disabilities, vulnerable seniors, persons with mental health conditions and families in need, to have equal access to opportunities to live, work and learn.  

So let’s unite for what we think is important with our voices, our hearts and our actions. We can give others a chance, the chance to be their best. Because we represent the change we want to see.

And we are the generation that can make the difference.








9-year-old Muhammad Rayn Danial Bin Muhammad Dino is a young boy passionate about sports. Rayn has been diagnosed with Global Developmental Delay and other health conditions, but that did not stop him from clinching the first place in a relay match at the AWWA School Sports Day with his team.
Rayn was unable to control his actions due to his conditions, and being non-verbal made it challenging for him to communicate well with his friends and classmates. After receiving special education and support from AWWA School, Rayn has become more aware of his surroundings, interacts with his classmates using simple gestures, and is generous in helping his friends.
By giving generously to Community Chest, 100% of your donation goes towards funding critical social services such as Early Intervention, Special Education Schools and School-Based Programmes. These programmes provide children with special needs, like Rayn, the educational and therapy support to help them achieve their potential.









Tay Xin En, a 27-year-old supported by APSN, has mild intellectual disability and is currently undergoing a vocational programme by the APSN Centre for Adults.
Before joining, she was unable to prepare a whole meal by herself. Throughout her journey, Xin En has not let her disabilities get in the way of her progress and her trainer, Sunny Goh, is proud that she is now able to prepare a meal independently. Xin En not only aspires to be employed as a full-time cook in a restaurant, but also to give back to the community by preparing meals for old folks’ homes and lunch boxes for the trainees at the APSN Centre for Adults.
By giving generously to Community Chest, 100% of your donation goes towards funding critical social services such as Sheltered Workshops and Integration Support. These programmes help adults with disabilities, like Xin En, enhance their occupational skills, to gain meaningful employment and independence.






82-year-old Ng Kai Wing suffered traumatic bereavement when his wife passed away in his arms. In shock, he was unable to function on his own at home and he has no children to rely on. He had to recover in a community hospital for a month.
With consistent support and encouragement from O’Joy Counselling for Older Persons Programme and his counsellor, Chew Yat Peng, Mr Ng overcame his grief eventually and gathered sufficient resources to carry on living with dignity in the community. Despite his various health conditions, he has a much brighter outlook of his golden years, regained his sprightly disposition and no longer feels isolated.
By giving generously to Community Chest, 100% of your donation goes towards funding critical social services such as Befriending & Counselling, Senior Home Care and Caregiving Support. These programmes enable vulnerable seniors, like Mr Ng, to stay connected with the community and age gracefully.







33-year-old Rishah Binte Zainal (left in photo), started experiencing onset symptoms since secondary school. Rishah had brushed off her struggles as part of growing up, and was only diagnosed with major depressive disorder and anxiety just five years ago, when she was 28 years old. Painting and papercraft allowed her to express her creativity during rehabilitation. Since then, Rishah has come a long way and her colleague, Nurleen Binte Mohamed, was a constant cheerleader throughout her journey to regain her inner strength to rise above challenges.
Today, Rishah is a full-time employee with Club HEAL, sharing her story, and empowering others to focus on their strengths. With a great sense of humour and a compassion for seniors, Rishah hopes to be able to continue supporting others like her, and people with dementia in the future.
By giving generously to Community Chest, 100% of your donation goes towards funding critical social services such as Integration Support and Day Activity Centres. These programmes support people with mental health conditions, like Rishah, on their journey to recovery and reintegration into the community.






41-year-old Vineswari R. Ratnaval (right in photo) first sought help from SINDA in 2017 when her family was faced with multiple challenges - from finances to not having proper educational support for her four children. Furthermore, three of them were diagnosed with dyslexia and one with mild intellectual disability.
With support from SINDA and unwavering guidance and encouragement from her counsellor, Gowri Arivalagan, Vineswari worked towards financial independence through upskilling herself. Today, Vineswari is currently pursuing a diploma to serve in the eldercare sector. She aspires to give back by using her newly acquired skills to support vulnerable seniors in the community.
By giving generously to Community Chest, 100% of your donation goes towards funding critical social service centres such as Family Service Centres, Counselling Centres and Family Violence Specialist Centres. These centres help to strengthen families, like Vineswari’s, to build their resilience and unity in the face of difficulties.


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