Project Care x Hearts for Health

As part of the Values in Action (VIA) programme, students from Yishun Town Secondary School (YTSS) exercised their creativity through handmade artefacts and created videos to show their appreciation to our frontline workers in Singapore General Hospital (SGH) and Changi General Hospital (CGH).

“In 2020, the act of contributing to others and being kinder and appreciative of the little things in life and society have become more poignant. With many limitations and changes, and the various ways that people’s lives have been affected by the pandemic, our students genuinely became more thoughtful and wish they could contribute back to the society. They chose to be grateful. And this project is a clear reflection of their goal in showing gratitude towards others, specifically our selfless healthcare heroes, and being extremely thankful for in life."

- Ms Noraidilah, Form Teacher of 3E4




Students from Class 3E4 prepared a basket of handmade keychains and a thank you video for CGH staff. Through this initiative, the students expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the healthcare workers, while enjoying the spirit of camaraderie of working with one another.

Upon the completion of the final product, the students felt a sense of accomplishment and hoped that their gifts would bring joy to the frontline healthcare workers for their selfless dedication during the pandemic.

 “3N1 students took up the VIA project to show their utmost gratitude and respect towards SGH healthcare workers.”

- Mr Eugene Seow, Form Teacher of 3N1





On the other hand, students from Class 3N1 created a heart-shaped artefact and two paintings, accompanied with a thank you video, for the medical officers of SGH. They hoped to encourage the healthcare workers by affirming their unwavering commitments and dedication through these handmade gifts.

As shared by the students, one of their favourite moments while working on this project together, was that everyone had an important role to play and was empowered to contribute back to the society.

Let’s check out some of the behind-the-scene images.

“It’s a unique and valuable collaboration as we work towards helping the youths of today contribute back to society in a meaningful way. Despite the restrictions implemented due to the pandemic, these experiences create a sense of purpose for the students to contribute, support others and stay connected."

- Ms Noraidilah, Form Teacher of 3E4







Upon receiving the students' handmade gifts and videos, Dr Trina Ariffin from SGH expressed her gratitude and appreciation of the efforts of the students.  

“It’s extremely heart-warming to read the students’ messages of support, thanking us for our work during this pandemic.  Such support means a lot to us as we continue to fight the virus to keep Singapore safe. It is heartening to see Community Chest playing the role of a Connector to connect YTSS students and SGH.  Such initiative allows students an opportunity to spread positivity and appreciation to the healthcare workers directly for their hard work and sacrifices during this current pandemic. Students also benefit as it reinforces values of awareness and kindness for the essential workers on the front lines.”

- Dr Trina Ariffin, Senior Resident, SGH

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Being part of this meaningful collaboration between YTSS, CGH and SGH, we hope to forge new partnerships and develop more creative opportunities for students to continue giving back to the society.

If you are a teacher and looking for suitable VIA programmes for your students, please feel free to write in to us at for more enquiries.