#PledgeYourBirthday For Good

Everyone’s got a birthday, but not all of us have the privilege or means to celebrate it.
This year, Community Chest and Giving.sg want to help you make your birthday even more meaningful. 
All you have to do is set up a fundraising campaign on Giving.sg in support of Community Chest, rope in all your loved ones, and give the gift of goodness together to over 80 social service agencies supported by Community Chest.

How to pledge your birthday with us: 

1. Click on the button "Find out more" 

2. Go to "Fundraise Now" and select Community Chest in "I am fundraising for" 

3. Name your campaign and share your campaign story, your fundraising goal and select the duration of the campaign. 

4. Click submit and Community Chest will be informed to review and approve your campaign.

5. Once approved, SHARE your campaign with your loved ones and on your social networks to spread the spirit of giving! 


Thank you for making your birthday a life changing one this year!




Theresa Goh, 33

“I turned 33 in February this year, and while it’s hardly a milestone year, I counted myself lucky enough to be safe and healthy and celebrating it at home with my loved ones, right as the COVID-19 situation started to worsen in Singapore. However, I was also very aware that things weren’t the same for many lower-income families affected by the pandemic. It then just made sense for me to set up a #PledgeYourBirthday campaign on Giving.sg in support of The Courage Fund (which at that time was just launched  - perfect timing!). I think the pandemic has made a lot of us feel helpless, and being able to give back to the community this way helps with regaining some form of control – that we can help things get better, in our own ways. What better way to celebrate a birthday? I do hope more people will consider pledging their birthdays to support meaningful causes and the vulnerable groups within our community.”



Rebecca Eu, 26

“My friend’s birthday was coming up and she mentioned wanting to do something meaningful for the frontliners involved in the fight against COVID-19. I immediately thought of setting up a “Pledge Your Birthday” campaign for her because it was such a convenient way to dedicate her special day to an equally special cause. Within a couple of hours, I was able to create the campaign page and surprise her with it and get all of our friends’ support. We were so flattered that Minister Desmond Lee posted about it on his Facebook page! I always believe that people do genuinely care about giving back to our society – this Pledge Your Birthday campaign just makes it so much easier to do so.”



Rachel Pang, 17

“Staying at home while watching the news on how frontliners were risking their lives to fight the COVID-19 virus made me feel really helpless, and I wanted to find a way to help despite being unable to volunteer. Earlier, a friend of mine had raised money on her birthday for the Humanitarian Organization for Migration Economics (HOME), and that inspired me to start my own birthday campaign in support of The Courage Fund on Giving.sg. At first, I was worried that people would not donate as most of my friends were my age and some of them did not have a debit/credit card. To my surprise, many people did support the fundraiser, and those who did not have a credit card messaged me to ask me to help them donate on their behalf! I was really touched by their support, and the strength of our community to lend a helping hand. Starting your own fundraiser is easy and not at all scary, and I hope others will be encouraged to do so too!”



Hu Huixiong, 35 and son Danson Hu, 4

“I saw an email about the #PledgeYourBirthday campaign in February, which inspired me to start a fundraising campaign together with my son as both of our birthdays fall in the same month. I already donate monthly to various charities including Comchest, however I felt I would be able to make more of an impact and raise more funds with the campaign. I shared the link to the fundraising page on my social media pages and via Whatsapp, and was surprised by how supportive my friends, and even friends of friends were of it. This was a great way for me to raise awareness about how convenient it actually is for them to divert their presents into helping the vulnerable instead – it was a very rewarding experience. I even managed to get a close friend to start her own fundraising page with her daughter!”

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