Children's Day Appeal 2020

Rayn is a young boy passionate about sports. He is also diagnosed with Global Development Delay and other health conditions. However, that did not stop Rayn from clinching first place in a relay match at the AWWA School Sports Day with his team.

Before attending AWWA school, however, Rayn was often unable to control his actions due to his condition and would throw things and run around whenever he wanted. Being non-verbal also made it challenging for him to communicate well with his friends and classmates at the start.

After receiving special education in AWWA school, Rayn has become more aware of his surroundings and more disciplined in his actions. Despite being non-verbal, he would still initiate interactions with his friends and classmates using simple gestures. When prompted, Rayn is also generous in rendering his support to friends who need help.

Rayn may be a student with special needs, but he also has dreams like you and me. Today, Rayn is working hard towards independence and chasing after his passion for sports.  

Children's Day Appeal (CDA) is an annual nationwide campaign by Community Chest which rallies students from pre-schools and primary schools to donate and help the less fortunate in the community.

Supported by MOE and in line with its Values-in-Action, CDA seeks to develop students into socially responsible citizens who contribute meaningfully to the community. Other than monetary support, CDA also aims to encourage caring, sharing and empathy towards those in need. Through CDA, we hope to nurture and inspire students to be the next generation of givers. Collectively, we can build a caring and inclusive society for all.

100% of the donations raised in the appeal will go towards empowering the lives of our social service users, such as Rayn, from more than 80 social service agencies supported by Community Chest.

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You may download the following resources:

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